Latin Square


About Latin Squares

Latin Squares are a logic-based puzzle tracing its roots back to the 18th century Korean mathematician Choi Seok-jeong and Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. The name Latin Square was inspired by Euler who used Latin characters as symbols.

At Puzzletronic you can play twenty-three different grid sizes up to 26x26 and 3 levels of difficulty. You can also choose which symbols to use.

How to Play Latin Squares

The objective of a Latin Square is to complete a partially filled grid so that each symbol appears exactly once in each row and exactly once in each column. Similar to Sudoku but without the block condition.

Remember, incorrect cells will be indicated (in red) when any of the following errors occur:

  • Any row contains the same symbol more than once
  • Any column contains the same symbol more than once

Puzzle Variations

By selecting the New Puzzle option from the menu, the following puzzle variations may be chosen:

  • Grid size: any size from 4x4 to 26x26
  • Difficulty: easy, medium or hard


By selecting the Settings option from the menu, the following may be chosen:

  • Symbol set: choose from five symbol sets for more variation
  • Sound effects: turn the sound effects on or off